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Data Privacy Regulations

In order to use the program rating feature, you need to exchange data between your PC and TuneUp Software GmbH (TuneUp), the German subsidiary of the licensor AVG Netherlands B.V. (AVG). By enabling this feature you are agreeing to this exchange of data.

The purpose of this document is to explain which data will be sent to TuneUp and stored as well as how it will be used.

1. Type and Scope of Data Transmitted and Stored

The following data is sent from your PC to TuneUp at regular intervals and stored:

  • Anonymized user ID
  • Anonymized system ID
  • Program entries on your PC
  • Startup entries on your PC
  • Ratings you have submitted

2. Purpose of Data Collection

The program ratings displayed in AVG PC TuneUp are based on an average value of all the ratings submitted by users of AVG PC TuneUp for this program. This ensures that the rating reflects the opinion of the majority of participating users about the usefulness and quality of the rated programs. This can be of great assistance to you when making a decision about the future use or purchase of the programs.

Therefore it is important for determination of a reliable average rating, that each user may only make one assessment per program and that a differentiated and precise collection of reviews is possible.

The user GUID is an encrypted key characteristic that enables a differentiated and anonymous collection of ratings, even in the case of several users of the same PC. The system GUID is a key characteristic that enables differentiated and anonymous collection of ratings from different PCs. A combination of the user and system GUID makes it possible to collect ratings reliably and anonymously and assign them to respective users. By using these characteristics we can prevent ratings from being distorted by a user submitting multiple ratings for the same program. However it does not prevent anyone from submitting a new rating for a program. In this case, the new rating is not recorded as another rating of the program; on the contrary it replaces the rating that was submitted previously.

The following data about the programs installed on your PC is transmitted: the name of the program and its developer, the version and the file name. This data enables us to make an accurate and differentiated assignment of your rating for a particular program.

The startup entries on your PC are collected in conjunction with their associated program installations, sent to TuneUp and stored. For these you can submit ratings that are collected separately from the program.

Furthermore TuneUp uses the anonymized data reflecting your behavior in context of the usage of the program rating feature for the purposes of product and market analytics, which help AVG Group, to improve its’ products and the range of products.  

3. Publication and Forwarding of Data

TuneUp reserves the right to use the anonymized data and individual ratings collected by the program ratings feature, together with the average ratings figures, in statistics and analyses, to publish them and to forward them to third parties if applicable.

4. Frequency and Type of Data Transmission

The data listed in paragraph 1 is encrypted and sent to TuneUp when you start the Uninstall Manager, StartUp Manager and Program Deactivator modules.
In addition, data is sent in the background at regular intervals and when changes are detected to the data originally sent.

5. Right to Cancellation

You can cancel your participation in the exchange of user data at any time by disabling the rating feature for programs. When you disable the ratings feature, the ratings of other AVG PC TuneUp users are deleted from your PC. As for your own ratings, you can either archive them in case you want to re-enable the feature at a later date, or you can delete them permanently. In both cases, no data will be sent to TuneUp until the ratings feature for programs is re-enabled.